Terms and Conditions


When ordering goods the buyer agrees to the terms and conditions laid out below.  Before ordering buyers must ensure that they have the facility to house, care and handle the animals in an appropriate manner.  Proof of pet shop license may be required.


Payment is due on delivery of the goods unless prior arrangements have been made with Simon’s Rodents . Until payment has been made all goods and/or live animals remain the property of Simon’s Rodents.  Further deliveries will be withheld until full payment has been received.

Credit charge

Simon’s Rodents reserve the right to implement a 10% credit charge to all invoices unsettled on delivery that have not agreed account arrangements with Simon’s Rodents .


Simon’s Rodents reserve the right to change any list price without prior written notification, subject to availability.  All prices listed are per animal/bird and are subject to VAT at the current rate unless stated otherwise.


Simon’s Rodents reserve the right to refuse delivery to any customer should the livestock living environment and conditions not be suitable for the species concerned.


All livestock is guaranteed to arrive in appropriate condition.  After signing for the delivery the buyer takes full responsibility for the care of the livestock.  Should any animal fall ill within 48 hours of delivery Simon’s Rodents must be notified immediately either by telephone or e-mail, at this time Simon’s Rodents will advise on appropriate care or seek veterinary advice.

In the event of a fatality within 5 days of delivery Simon’s Rodents will offer a full credit or replacement providing that:

  1. Simon’s Rodents has been notified of illness within 48 hours of delivery
  2. the livestock has been housed correctly and has received appropriate care for the species.
  3. proof of fatality is provided by returning the body to Simon’ Rodents.

Any contract entered into between the buyer and their own veterinarian for treatment of the condition will be at the buyers’ own discretion.  Simon’s Rodents will not be liable for any cost arising from such treatment.  By entering into a contract with a third party in this way, without prior consent from Simon’s Rodents, the buyer waives their right to credit or replacement.  In the event of a dispute between Simons Rodents & the purchaser in the respect of a fatality the vendor’s decision is final.

Frozen orders by courier

Simons Rodents reserve the right to despatch frozen orders by courier if the customer’s address is not on a planned delivery route. The customer is responsible for signing for the goods when they arrive. The customer’s signature is a declaration to the courier company that the goods have arrived in an acceptable condition. If this is not the case then the customer is advised not to sign or accept delivery of the goods. Simons Rodents cannot be held responsible for the condition in which the goods arrive.


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